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Pediatric Dental

How Bad Oral Health Affects a Child

The condition of oral health affects the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of a child. Poor oral health goes beyond, causing tooth decay and gum diseases. In fact, it could lead to terminal illnesses. Typically, oral health affects overall health. In this article, we look at some of the effects of bad oral health. Tooth decay…

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How Do You Help a Child With Tooth Decay?

All parents should know that milk teeth are as essential as adult teeth. Thus, they should help their children in taking care of their baby teeth. This way, they can help them prevent tooth decay. This is one of the prevalent diseases among most children. This dental condition can lead to severe discomfort and affect…

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Top 10 Pediatric Dental Issues

Undoubtedly, parents are now becoming more aware of their children's oral health. Thanks to the ever-increasing information on the internet and the compulsory back to school dental checkups. Currently, the majority of parents know that taking care of their child's dental health is vital. They do their best to prevent their children from getting the…

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What Do You Call a Dentist For Kids?

Like adults, children sometimes experience dental problems. Thus, parents need to pinpoint these issues as early as possible. One of the ways to do so is through annual dental checkups. Luckily, some dentists deal particularly with kids nowadays. So, instead of taking your child to a regular dentist, you'd instead go to a doctor lso…

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Back to School Dentist Appointment Needs

Nearly all parents have back to school routines for their children. Part of the routine entails buying new books, new stationery, new backpacks, and clothes. Moreover, some parents take their children for medical checkups. Besides a regular medical checkup, a dental checkup is also essential. Dental health is necessary and contributes to a child's overall…

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