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The COVID-19 pandemic brought about so many changes in the economy. Health experts report that this deadly virus is related to a wide range of health complications. Surprisingly, health professionals saw an increase in teen dental problems since the start of the global pandemic. It is shocking how the number of people infected with dental decay and gum diseases is still rising, especially in teenagers. So, how does COVID-19 damage your teeth?

Teen Dental Problems on the Rise after Covid

The relationship between COVID-19 and dental diseases

As mentioned earlier, the COVID-19 virus brought about more cases of dental illnesses. More patients are now reporting cases of gum diseases, among other dental infections. These teen dental problems continue to affect them even after they heal from the COVID-19 virus. Does this mean that dental damage could be a possible COVID-19 symptom?

Some health experts report that the COVID-19 virus, SARS-COV-2’s, can adversely affect oral health. However, it can be hard to notice these dental symptoms, especially when you are busy trying to heal from COVID. It is more likely that you will notice these symptoms way after you overcome the virus. So, it is essential to keep monitoring your dental health amid this global pandemic. Doing this helps you identify and treat all dental issues early enough. As a result, you will maintain good oral health.

Medical experts are still trying to find out how the COVID-19 virus causes teen dental problems. But the most common reason may be improper blood flow. Remember, blood needs to be circulated adequately to all areas for your whole body to function well. The COVID-19 virus inhibits proper blood flow throughout the whole body. Subsequently, blood does not reach all parts of the body. Thus, blood clots patchy blood flow is likely to form. This prevents some parts of the body from receiving adequate nutrients.

The mouth contains a wide range of blood vessels that get affected when there is improper blood flow in the body. At times, blood may not be able to flow to the jaws. So, when blood does not flow to the jaw, the oral cavity gets weakened. And this makes your mouth more vulnerable to tooth decay, among other dental illnesses. Therefore, blood flow to the oral cavity should not be compromised at any given moment.

Is the virus responsible for causing oral health problems?

Another reason why COVID-19 can cause oral problems is due to the presence of cytokine storms. When you get the COVID-19 virus, the viral load in your body goes up. As a result, the percentage of viruses in your mouth will ultimately go up. In turn, this leads to various oral health problems. Even after you heal from the COVID-19, the viral load in your mouth is likely to remain higher. The reason for this is still unknown by dental professionals.

Dental damage from the COVID-19 virus affects children and teenagers

Teenagers are also experiencing a wide range of teen dental problems from this global pandemic. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that your children stay safe and observe all COVID -19 safety measures. Doing this will keep them safe from a wide range of dental and respiratory illnesses. In addition, ensure they observe social distancing and wash their hands from time to time.

Poor attention for dental health

Nowadays, most medical professionals tend to focus on treating and preventing the COVID-19 virus. As a result, they forget to deal with other serious health complications. Undoubtedly, most nations have given the COVID-19 virus the priority. Less attention is therefore given to other health problems related to dental health. Subsequently, more teenagers continue to suffer from teen dental problems.

Moreover, patients are ignoring dental illness symptoms as they look out for COVID-19 symptoms. Therefore, everyone must keep monitoring their overall health. Keep in mind that there are so many diseases that could lead to fatalities other than COVID.

What steps can teens take for better dental care?

Fortunately, there is a wide range of techniques teens can incorporate to improve their dental health. Some include:

Teen Dental Problems on the Rise after Covid

Practicing oral hygiene

Teens need to make sure your teeth stay clean at all times. Dental experts advise brushing your teeth at least twice a day. As you do this, use the correct brushing technique and toothpaste products. More often than not, fluoride toothpaste helps in strengthening your teeth. Also, ensure you floss your teeth after meals. Dental professionals also advise changing your toothbrush after every three months.

Consume a healthy diet

If you want to keep your teeth healthy, it is essential to eat a healthy diet. Avoid consuming sugary and spicy foods since they are the number one cause of dental decay. Additionally, avoid crunchy foods that entertain plaque build-up on the teeth.

In summary

Ultimately, protecting teenagers from the COVID-19 virus will help you avoid teen dental problems. So, always make sure you observe all COVID-19 safety measures as outlined by the World Health Organization. Doing this will keep teenagers safe from a broad spectrum of health complications.

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