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The majority of children fear going to the dentist. In fact, most children are likely to throw tantrums when going to the dentist. Children often perceive dental visits as uncomfortable and painful experiences. There are so many reasons why children avoid the pediatric dentist. Some of them include:

Why Children Avoid the Pediatric Dentist

Dental staff

Typically, dental staff should be friendly yet professional. Your pediatric dentist should have staff that makes your child feel comfortable. If the dental staff are too serious, your child can freak out. Good dental staff will try distracting your child’s mind and prepare them beforehand for any orthodontic procedure. This way, your child will be able to relax and throw fewer tantrums.

Dental equipment

Your pediatric dentist should have child-friendly dental equipment. If your child sees large dental equipment, they might start crying. Also, dentists who use adult dental equipment to fix your child’s teeth make the process more painful and unbearable. Remember, children have smaller teeth and mouths. Thus, your pediatric dentist should use smaller dental equipment on them.

Dental setting and environment

Indisputably, the dental setting and environment should be child-friendly. Most pediatric dentists choose to create a playroom at the reception. Doing this keeps your child at ease and enables them to play with other kids. In addition, a child-friendly environment will reduce your child’s anxiety and fear of the dentist.

Bad dental experiences

If your child has ever had a bad dental experience, it is more likely that they will fear the next one. A bad dental experience instills fear in the child. Therefore, as a parent, you have to look for a better pediatric dentist. Also, assure your child that the experience won’t be as bad as the last one.

Parent’s dental anxiety

Children can read their parent’s behavior. Therefore, if you have dental anxiety, you are likely to pass it on to your child. It is essential to stay strong for your child. Pretend that everything is okay and keep affirming your child that they can handle the procedure. If you have extreme dental fear, you would instead let the other parent take the child to the dentist. Alternatively, consider not accompanying your child to the dentist’s room if they are comfortable with it. Generally, some children will act better when their parents are not around. Ultimately, avoid passing any dental fears and anxiety to your children.

How do you prepare your child for a dental experience?

First, it is essential to prepare your child for a dental experience beforehand. Doing this often involves giving your child a summary of what is likely to occur at the dentist’s office. As you do this, avoid giving false information. Otherwise, you might create false ideas in your child’s mind. And this serves as a recipe for disappointment.

Portray the pediatric dentist as a good person

You have to affirm to your child that the pediatric dentist is kind and loving. This is the only way your child will be comfortable around the dentist. Never talk badly about the dentist when your child is listening. Your child might not be able to trust them. Assure your child that they are in safe hands with the dentist.

Nonetheless, you have to ensure that your pediatric dentist creates a child-friendly environment. Also, they have to be friendly and experienced in dealing with children. This is the only way the dental procedure will be successful.

Why Children Avoid the Pediatric Dentist

Taking your child to the dentist from an early age

It is essential to start introducing your child to a pediatric dentist from their early years. Dental professionals often advise taking your child for dental examinations from age 5 to 7. Doing this will make the child more familiar with dental visits. Subsequently, they won’t experience dental fear and anxiety as much. However, you have to ensure that your child has a positive experience on their first dental visit. Otherwise, they might end up hating dental checkups for the rest of their lives. Taking your child to a pediatric dentist while still young also helps you identify all dental issues early enough. Remember, the earlier you identify dental problems, the better.

Giving simple explanation

Take time to answer all your child’s questions. However, you have to be wise while doing this. Be careful not to give any false information or discourage your child. Also, try your best to answer the child’s questions in the simplest way possible. Think of drawing models and pictures to give appropriate answers to your children. Failure to answer your child’s questions might make them more fearful of the dental visit. If you have no answer to a particular question, you can consult your pediatric dentist about it. Most of them are always willing to address all your fears, queries, and doubts.

Hire the right pediatric dentist

There are so many reasons why children avoid the dentist. Therefore, finding a pediatric dentist who will make your child feel at ease during all dental visits is essential.

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