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Today, dental experts recommend that you schedule regular dental checkups for your children. Oral health affects overall health. So, it is essential to identify and treat dental problems early enough to prevent further complications. When visiting a kids dentist, many parents often have several questions in mind. In particular, on the first child dental checkup, all your queries need to get addressed. Otherwise, you might reconsider the dental checkup. In this article, we outline some of the most commonly asked questions received by a kids dentist.

Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Kids Dentist

Ten questions to ask your kids dentist

1. Do shark teeth indicate a potential dental problem?

At times, permanent teeth start growing before the milk teeth start falling out. Your child could have them mainly because the roots of the temporary and permanent teeth are in different positions. All you need to do is to wait for the baby teeth to fall out. Then the kids dentist can recommend the best treatment options to align the adult. But sometimes, the adult teeth will grow and align themselves in the right place.

2. What is the proper technique for cleaning my child’s teeth?

At times, parents need help cleaning their children’s teeth. Besides, most of them are not sure of the proper techniques to use when brushing their children’s teeth. Well, pediatric dentists always show you how to clean your children’s teeth. If your child is a bit older, they will teach the child directly.

3. Can my child stop using their pacifier?

Excessive use of a pacifier can cause an orthodontic problem. Additionally, sucking the thumb for a long time could lead to severe orthodontic issues. It is hard to get your child to stop sucking their thumb or using a pacifier. And so, most pediatric dentists will advise you on the best ways to do this. Also, they can offer to counsel and help them stop these habits.

4. Should I buy a different toothpaste for my child, and how much does it cost?

Small children often find it challenging to clean their teeth. So, you need to help them. It would be best if you bought child-friendly toothpaste since children easily swallow the toothpaste. They are innocent and barely know that the product is harmful. Avoid using harsh toothpaste with high fluoride content on your children. Also, child-friendly toothpaste should smell and taste well. A dependable kids dentist will always write down several toothpaste recommendations for you. Also, they will suggest the ones within your budget.

5. Should my child get braces if they have overcrowded teeth?

You may notice overcrowding of teeth in your child’s mouth. If the overcrowding is too much, your kids dentist will often recommend braces. Other oral appliances like a palate expander can also be useful in treating this problem.

6. Why are my child’s milk teeth not falling out?

It can be worrying if your child’s teeth start shedding out too early or too late. Your kids dentist will help you understand that milk teeth fall out at different times. Every child is unique. But if your child’s teeth don’t start falling out by the age of ten years, it could be worrying. Your pediatric dentist would recommend that you bring your child for an X-ray evaluation. This way, they can identify any underlying problem and treat it as soon as possible.

Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Kids Dentist

7. At what age should I introduce my child to high content fluoride toothpaste?

When your children are young, you ought to use low fluoride kinds of toothpaste. But when can you start using regular fluoride toothpaste on your child? Well, as soon as your child can rinse their mouth and spit by themselves. Pediatric dentists also recommend using mouthwash to prevent the accumulation of bacteria.

8. Is my child too young for a dental X-ray?

The energy used in X-ray procedures may not be safe for children under the age of 5. So, pediatric dentists often suggest that they perform a teeth X-ray on children aged seven and above. At this stage, your child is old enough to withstand a dental X-ray. Also, it is a great way to confirm the possibility of a severe oral health condition.

9. How do I handle a chipped or cracked tooth?

Occasionally, your child can develop a cracked or chipped tooth. If you notice this, it would be best if you seek professional help immediately. If the crack is too large, the nerves can get affected. Depending on the crack’s extent, the tooth may need to get removed, bonded, or merely polished.

10. Should my child floss?

Your child should begin flossing as early as possible. This tooth cleaning technique prevents dental caries and decay. Also, if your child’s teeth tend to get overcrowded, flossing is highly recommended.

In summary

From this article, you now know what to ask your kids dentist during a consultation. It is normal to ask questions on behalf of your child. It only means you want the best for your child. Ultimately, ensure all your fears, doubts, and queries get addressed by your pediatric dentist.

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