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Nowadays, almost everyone has an orthodontic problem. It is sporadic to find someone with straight and perfect teeth. Orthodontic issues are pretty much noticeable from a very early age. In fact, you can note something odd with your child’s teeth immediately they start growing their baby teeth. Fortunately, there is a broad spectrum of orthodontic treatment options. In this article, we discuss some of the best teen orthodontic options today.

Teen Orthodontic Options

Most recommended teen orthodontic treatment options

Invisalign/Transparent Aligners

One of the most advanced forms of braces is the Invisalign. These types of braces are colorless; thus, they are not as noticeable as conventional metal braces. Transparent aligners are specially designed to push the teeth to their original position. Invisalign is the most popular option among teenagers since they are relatively invisible. So, they help them avoid any self-esteem issues. One of Invisalign’s main benefits is that you can remove them and put them back on when the need arises. However, this brace type takes longer to deliver treatment. In particular, if you have an underbite and overbite, Invisalign is not the best braces.

Ceramic Braces

The next type of orthodontic option is ceramic braces. Ceramic braces deliver better functionality compared to conventional metal braces. They align your teeth much faster than metal braces. Typically, they are the same as metal braces, only that they incorporate ceramic material. Like the transparent aligners, ceramic braces are colorless; hence, they are an ideal orthodontic option for teenagers. Since they are not as noticeable as metal braces, they are a more comfortable alternative for teenagers.

Nonetheless, ceramic braces are more costly and are likely to discolor the teeth. Consequently, if your teenager prefers ceramic braces, they have to maintain maximum oral hygiene. And this means consuming a healthy diet, flossing, and cleaning their teeth at least twice a day.


Another twenty-first-century teen orthodontic treatment option is the Suresmile. Typically, the Suresmile is a 3D technology metal brace. The main advantage of these braces is that they shorten the treatment process. So, if your teenager does not want to wear braces for too long, Suresmile is an excellent option. Even so, they are quite noticeable. As a result, the majority of teenagers disregard them because of this. Although they are more advanced, they have a conventional appearance. Not to mention, Suresmile braces is a budget-friendly teen orthodontic option.

Conventional Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces have existed since the early years and are often considered the ‘older version’ of braces. Over the recent years, dental experts have come up with more advanced types of braces. But the traditional metal braces remain a popular alternative. Aside from being affordable, they offer fantastic aesthetics. Besides, there are more advanced options for conventional metal braces.

These braces now come in a wide range of colors and options. Dental experts can also modify these braces to match the patient’s requirements. The downside of traditional metal braces is that they can get damaged easily. Again, your teenager cannot eat hard or crunchy foods when wearing conventional braces.

Damon Braces

With time, Damon braces have become a popular option for most teenagers. They are more advanced and require fewer dental checkups. Orthodontist experts love Damon braces because they are an easier and gentler option. Unlike other options, Damon braces do not use elastic bands. Instead, they have a sliding mechanism that aligns teeth to their position.

They incorporate minimal pressure; thus, teenagers may feel more comfortable with them. You don’t need many post-treatment appointments with Damon braces since they automatically move the teeth with time. Consequently, you avoid spending a lot of time and money on dental visits. Teenagers are likely to choose this option since they are not as visible as metal brackets.

Teen Orthodontic Options

Does your teenager need braces?

Well, the only way to find out if your child needs braces is to go for a dental examination. Occasionally, parents are likely to notice an orthodontic problem in their children early enough. But some see these problems when the child is relatively older, say in their teenage years.

Nevertheless, some orthodontic problems are quite noticeable. I mean, crooked teeth, underbites, crowded teeth, and overbites are often apparent. But regardless of your child’s health, it is essential to see an orthodontist immediately after the child turns seven. If you suspect that your teenager has an orthodontic problem, see a dental expert. After all, this is the only way you’ll find out if your child needs braces.

The best teen orthodontic option

In this present age and time, there is a wide variety of teen orthodontic treatment options. Teenagers are often more cautious due to all the body changes they experience during this time. Besides, most people start becoming more aware of their flaws during their teenage years. Thus, teenagers with orthodontic problems will seek treatment solutions immediately. Some of the teen orthodontic options available include Damon braces, Invisalign, metal braces, among others. The most suitable choice for your teenager usually depends on their requirements.

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