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Nearly all parents have back to school routines for their children. Part of the routine entails buying new books, new stationery, new backpacks, and clothes. Moreover, some parents take their children for medical checkups. Besides a regular medical checkup, a dental checkup is also essential. Dental health is necessary and contributes to a child’s overall health. So, consider including a back to school dentist appointment in the routine.

Back to School Dentist Appointment Needs

What Are the Advantages of a Back to School Dentist Appointment?

A back to school dentist appointment provides a lot of benefits for you and your child. They help children attend all classes throughout the school term by preventing dental problems. Additionally, these checkups enable dental professionals to pinpoint dental issues early enough. As a result, children do not experience the terrible symptoms accompanying dental issues. When observed religiously, back to school, dental appointments become part of your lifestyle.

Book the appointment early

It is advisable to plan yourself early. Thus, book an appointment a month or two before school opens. Do not wait until August, when every parent is rushing to schedule an appointment. This way, you can enjoy the entire summer without worrying when you’ll get the back to school dental exam done.

Preparing Your Child for the Dental Visit

The majority of children experience nervousness and anxiety before the dentist’s appointment. Consequently, they could end up acting up during the meeting. Therefore, it is advisable to prepare your young ones for the procedure.

Make sure your child has eaten something before the appointment. Don’t take a hungry child for an appointment. Remember, a hungry child is an angry child.

Ensure that your child is well-rested before the day of the appointment. Don’t take your child for a dental visit after a long day. They can be moody and uncooperative during the consultation.

Morning appointments are the best. So, book a dental appointment in the morning hours. Your child’s mind is fresh; thus, they are more likely to be cooperative.

Stick to a dental routine to prepare your child for a dental checkup; ensure they observe a healthy oral routine. Make sure your child brushes their teeth at least twice a day. Ensure they also consume a healthy diet that boosts their overall health.

Teach Your Kids How to floss

It is vital to add flossing to part of the teeth cleaning routine. Flossing helps a child remove any food particles in between the teeth. Consequently, this will prevent the accumulation of bacteria on the teeth, which leads to dental cavities and decay.

Encourage Drinking Water

Instead of soft drinks or juice, encourage your children to drink water often. Water is good for your teeth and eliminates any loose food particles present in the mouth.

Reward Good Dental Habits

Promise your children a reward for cleaning their teeth. So, give them incentives and get them excited to floss and clean their teeth. It could be as simple as preparing their favorite healthy meal or buying them their favorite book.

Talk about Why Oral Hygiene is Important

Make it a habit for you and your children to talk about the importance of observing healthy oral practices. They will understand the need for a back to school dentist appointment. Thus, they will cooperate during these appointments. You can also get them to watch exciting and informative books about the importance of oral hygiene. Moreover, help them understand some dental issues like cavities and tooth decays. Consequently, they will be more encouraged to protect their dental health.

Back to School Dentist Appointment Needs

Encouraging a Successful Visit

Often, your child will pick up on your anxiety. So, compose yourself during the dental appointment, and don’t let fear overcome you. If you have uncontrollable anxiety, you can request your spouse to go with you. Above all, avoid saying anything that could frighten your child. Allow your child to ask all their questions to the dentist. The pediatric dentist should explain everything involved during the checkup.

Encouraging a Healthy Smile at Home

Your child must observe all oral hygiene practices. Doing this will prevent dental conditions that could affect their overall health and state of mind. In case you have a child, who is less than seven years, help them brush and clean their teeth regularly. Show them the right technique and products to use. Even when they grow up, always ensure they observe a healthy dental routine.

How to Handle an Uncooperative Child

Some children tend to be more dramatic than others. Suppose you know your child is likely to throw tantrums during the appointment, you can take them to the dental clinic a week before. Consequently, they will be able to familiarize themselves with the environment. They can walk around the reception area and even say hello to their pediatric dentist. It will be much easier for them during the actual checkup. They won’t be as moody as expected.


Ultimately, a back to school dentist appointment enables your child to avoid dental issues during the entire new school year. It is, therefore, essential to include this routine in your back to school routine. This way, dental professionals can recognize any dental caries, cavities, and decays early enough.

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