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Currently, braces can treat a broad spectrum of orthodontic conditions, from overcrowded teeth to crooked teeth. These oral devices are undoubtedly helpful in giving you a perfect smile. Even so, the installation process may be uncomfortable. Furthermore, you will have to make some lifestyle changes immediately you start wearing braces. As a result, it takes approximately six months for you to get used to wearing braces. One of the significant life changes you will have to make lies in what you eat with braces. For you to shorten the treatment process, orthodontists recommend that you consume a healthy diet. Otherwise, you’d increase your chances of contracting dental diseases like cavity and caries. There are some foods you have to avoid completely when you have braces. It may be hard to give up on your favorite foods but think about your health first. In this article, we talk about some of the foods that are safe to eat with braces.

What Can You Eat With Braces?

The best meals to eat during the first weeks of wearing braces

During the first weeks of getting braces, you may experience soreness and inflammation. Not to worry. Your orthodontist will prescribe the best painkillers for you. The foods you eat with braces also go a long way in relieving the discomfort you might be experiencing. So, avoid eating hard to chew foods like nuts. Instead, take soft, healthy foods like:

  • Low-fat Greek yogurt
  • Easy to chew fruits like melons
  • Fish meat and other seafood
  • Mushroom soup
  • Oat porridge
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Soft vegetables
  • Pasta

All the above foods are relatively simple to eat with braces. They are gentle on your teeth and gums. In turn, they quicken the treatment process for you. But after some weeks, you can resume your usual diet. Nonetheless, your diet should contain healthy foods.

Eat with Braces: What should I eat during the whole orthodontic process?

Breakfast food

When you are starting your day, take a healthy meal. Dental experts usually advise that you take eggs and pancakes. Both foods are healthy and don’t put too much stress on the teeth. Consider taking yogurt or fresh juice instead of a beverage. You can also take cereals and oat porridge. All these foods are nutritious, both for your body and teeth.


During the day, you might have to snack from time to time to keep your stomach full. Some of the healthy snacks you should consider include fruits like grapes and watermelon. Also, you can always make sumptuous vegetable and fruit salads to eat during the day. So, avoid chewing nuts as a snack during the day.

Lunch and dinner meals

During lunch, you can have pasta, rice, peas, or even mashed potatoes. Also, taking sweet potatoes and soup is a good alternative. If you run out of options, there are many healthy recipes you can try out available on the internet. Moreover, feel free to steam vegetables. Consider taking seafood instead of red meat. Seafood meat is so gentle on the teeth yet very delicious. Most of these primary course meals are easy to prepare and quicken the treatment period.

What Can You Eat With Braces?

What should you not eat with braces?

Braces quickly wear out when they come in contact with various foods. In fact, there are foodstuffs that you’ll have to avoid completely when wearing braces. They include:

  • Avoid taking sugary foods like ice cream and candy during the whole treatment period. Even if you are a sweet tooth, it would be best if you don’t take any sugary foodstuff. Snacks like ice cream are also cold, thus not conducive for your teeth as they increase tooth sensitivity.
  • Popcorns: Popcorns are prone to sticking on your teeth. Thus, they can easily hide beneath the brackets. As a result, you could get dental decay or cavity.
  • Nuts: Nuts are tough to chew. Chewing nuts constantly throughout the treatment period can lead to a loose bracket or wire.
  • Avoid chewing gum whenever you have braces. Gum contents can stick on your brackets and cause a dental illness.

The leading cause of dental cavities is sugary foods. So, if you are wearing braces, avoid consuming sugary foods. What sugar does is that it combines with saliva to form plaque. The accumulation of plaque causes cavities and tooth decays. Not to mention, getting rid of plaque when you have braces can be challenging. Try your best to avoid consuming any sugary foods throughout the whole orthodontic treatment process.


When you get your braces installed, it might be time to switch up your lifestyle. Be careful about what you eat with braces. You have to make many changes in your diet if you wish to speed up your recovery time. So, it would be best if you consume healthy foods like oats, seafood, and fruits. Ensure that you avoid hard foods to chew as well as sugary foods. Unhealthy foods will cause a build-up of plaque beneath your brackets that can cause cavities. Getting a dental hole while wearing braces can be the worst nightmare. Thus, please refrain from all unhealthy foods during the whole treatment period. Fortunately, the majority of orthodontists are always willing to recommend the best foods to eat with braces.

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