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How Much Does a Pediatric Dentist Cost?

A popular misconception is that a pediatric dentist will cost much more than a general dentist. While it’s true that Pediatric Dentists may charge more than a regular dentist, the prices are not vastly different. Pediatric Dentists charge almost the same amount as a regular dentist. There are many reasons why you should consider a Pediatric Dentist for your child rather than a regular dentist. How much a pediatric dentist costs however, should not be a factor.

According to the average cost per child is $65 to $100 per child per checkup without dental insurance. Children should have a dental checkup twice a year.

Quick Math for a family with 2 children: $82.50 per child x 2 children x 2 times a year = $330 per year. This can really begin to add up the more children you have. Luckily we provide payment plans and offer flexible payment terms for our patients without dental insurance.

For most parents that have dental insurance for their children, the amount a pediatric dentist costs will simply be the co-pay (if applicable) of their insurance deductible.

Why A Pediatric Dentist Can Be Worth Every Penny

Children can be notoriously difficult to manage in the dentist chair, even for seasoned veteran dentists.  Many general dentists primarily specialize in adult dental issues, and as such don’t have the disposition to deal with children. A pediatric dentist has experience and training necessary to put children at ease.

If a Pediatric Dentist Cost is Almost Equal To A Regular Dentist, It Should Be A No Brainer.

A dentist that specializes in children is used to dealing with patients with special needs, infants, and toddlers especially can be difficult dental patients. If you are considering whether or not a pediatric dentist is worth it, consider that establishing a good report with the patient and putting them at ease has tremendous value. Childrens dentists are also more specialized to deal with childrens dental issues.

How To Keep Dentist Costs Down

  1. Schedule regular checkups – seeing a dentist twice a year is a small price to pay compared to paying for complicated dental procedures.
  2. Practice good dental habits with your children at home like brushing regularly and flossing.
  3. Keep your kids away from sugary drinks and sweets like candy, encourage brushing after indulging.
  4. Purchase affordable dental coverage. If you have a large family the cost savings could be substantial.

How Much Will It Cost To Send My Child To The Dentist Each Year?

According to the American Dental Association, many parents will wind up paying out of pocket for their childrens dental care. The American Dental Association says that over 42.5% of Americans will forego dental insurance for their children.

The average yearly deductible amount paid for children ages 1 through 6 was $257 per year. For children ages 7 through 12 the average amount spent on yearly deductibles per child was $828 and for ages 13 through 18 that figure crept up another $100 to $928. These averages calculate routine visits, fillings, xrays, and many preventative treatments children would need between the ages of 1 through 18 years of age.

In Woodbridge, Dale City and Burke Virginia these prices are on par with what the rest of the country is charging.

What If I Don’t Have Dental Insurance?

Not to worry. Our office offers flexible payment terms and easy credit options for patients who do not have dental insurance or who need to supplement their dental insurance. We also accept cash, credit cards and personal checks.

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