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Should I Get Dental Sealant for My Childs Teeth?

Dental sealants are an easy way to protect your child’s teeth from developing cavities. Dental sealants act as a barrier to cavity prone areas a toothbrush cannot reach. A dental sealant is typically applied tooth by tooth to the chewing surfaces of back teeth and covers deep pits and fissures in the tooth. A childs baby teeth and adult teeth can benefit from dental sealants.

Toothbrushing Can’t Reach Everything a Dental Sealant Can

Even if you are meticulous are brushing and flossing, food particles and plaque can still cling to the surfaces of teeth. Toothbrush bristles can’t quite reach into the grooves and deep pits to extract leftover food and plaque that can cause cavities. A dental sealant will protect any exposed areas vulnerable to debris by “sealing” the tooth from harmful bacteria.

Is A Dental Sealant Right For My Child?

It’s easy to apply dental sealants to your child’s teeth. A pediatric dentist will paint the dental sealant directly onto the tooth enamel, where it bond and quickly harden to form a protective barrier. As the sealant resin bonds into the pits and fissures it will seal the chewing surfaces of back teeth.

Once your childs dentist applies a the sealant it will bond fast and seal each tooth from plaque and acids. As long as the dental sealant is intact, the surfaces of the tooth will be shielded from tooth decay. Dental sealants are amazingly resilient. Sealants hold up well under the pressure of daily chewing and typically last for years before needing to be reapplied. Your child’s dentist will perform regular evaluations of the overall condition of the sealant during their regular checkups.

Adults Can Benefit From Dental Sealants Too

Children aren’t the only ones that can benefit from dental sealants. Decay forms in the depressions and grooves of teens and adults as well. It’s recommended that adults with healthy teeth without signs of decay have them sealed from developing cavities as well.

Many Parents Ask – Are Dental Sealants Safe For My Child?

There is zero scientific evidence to demonstrate that dental sealants are associated with any adverse health effects whatsoever. Dental sealants are 100% safe for your child. In fact, you will prevent your child from developing harmful bacteria and better protect their health by getting sealants for their teeth. So again 100%, you should get a dental sealant done on each tooth in your childs mouth.

Dental Sealants Are Safe - Source American Dental AssociationHow To Prevent Tooth Decay From Forming:

  • Brush at least two times a day with an toothpaste containing fluoride
  • Floss regularly between the the teeth to remove leftover food particles and plaque
  • Eat a balanced diet and limit intake of sweets
  • Get regular dental checkups

Ask your childs dentist about whether dental sealants will help your child prevent tooth decay.

Where Can I Get Dental Sealants For My Child In Virginia?

Golden Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics performs dental sealants in our 3 offices in Woodbridge, Burke, and Dale City. Schedule a dental sealant procedure for your child today!

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