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Besides health benefits, orthodontic therapy assists patients in boosting their self-esteem and getting the ideal smile. Braces vary in material, shape, size, and both adults and children use them. Today, we have different kinds of braces like invisible aligners, clear ceramic braces, and metal braces. From children to teenagers, all patients obtain numerous benefits from wearing braces. Luckily, most dental experts help their patients make the best out of this form of treatment. Braces help in solving many tooth problems. We will talk about some of the dental problems braces fix.

Common Problems Braces fix

1. Overcrowding and Spacing

Overcrowding and irregular spaced teeth is a common problem faced by a large percentage of individuals. For instance, most people have space between their two front teeth called a diastema. This issue is common in children, and it carries on to adulthood at times. Besides a diastema, some have crooked and overcrowded teeth. Orthodontic treatment can solve both of these issues. You can use braces of all kinds to line up teeth in their correct position. Moreover, orthodontic experts will track your progress and point out any alterations required to get desired outcomes.

2. Misaligned Jaw

Other problems braces fix are jaws having an incorrect position occur due to either an underbite or overbite. If you have overcrowded or irregular shaped teeth, you likely encounter soreness and discomfort in the jaw area. Consequently, this can cause even more severe problems, especially with your temporal mandibular joint (TMJ), which leads to pain on your face. Orthodontic therapy helps correct this issue by aligning your teeth in their rightful position, thus placing your jaw in its proper place. Similarly, once you fix a misaligned jaw causes a beneficial effect on your facial features. Besides reducing facial discomfort, you will appear more attractive due to a regular-shaped facial structure.

3. Overbites and Underbites

Uneven bites, known as malocclusions, could be signs of a complicated issue. Braces help rectify malocclusions since the device places mild pressure on the teeth and jaw to align them in their rightful position. There exists a variety of orthodontic treatment alternatives used to treat malocclusions based on their complexity. However, problems braces fix include:


What is an overbite? An overbite occurs when the top jaw has an augmentation compared to the bottom part. As a result, the chin may appear very small and can lead to issues with eating certain foods.


Contrary to overbites, an underbite is where the jaw’s bottom part has an extension compared to the jaw’s top part. Consequently, the chin appears to have an abnormal look, and it becomes challenging to eat. 

Common Problems Braces fix

6. Open Bites

An open bite occurs when there’s an excessively massive space between the upper teeth and lower teeth in the front part of the teeth. Open bites are not a malocclusion issue since it results from too much sucking of the thumb and use of a pacifier. The condition mostly happens in children who still use pacifiers and suck their thumbs. Many people thus grow out of it and do not encounter this with their permanent teeth. But in various cases, adults face open bites; these are problems braces fix.

7. Periodontal Problems

Misaligned teeth make it challenging for individuals to thoroughly clean and brush their teeth. As a result, gum problems like gingivitis could occur. Remember that overcrowded teeth make it difficult for one even to floss because there exist no spaces between the teeth. Luckily, braces assist in placing teeth in their correct position, enabling them to cleanse their teeth properly. It’s much easier to clean and floss your teeth when all teeth are regularly spaced hence promoting oral health. 

8. Unmatched Dental Midlines

Dental midlines are the cross-sectional line that divides your top and bottom jaw. At times, the line could be asymmetrical, thus affecting your jaw position and your facial appearance. Braces assist in aligning your teeth, which eventually create a symmetrical dental midline, thus enhancing intercuspation. Consequently, teeth become correctly aligned, creating comfortability and a beautiful smile.

7. Issues with Chewing and Speech

Any tooth misalignment significantly affect your pronunciation and the way you chew. Braces, therefore, play a massive part in helping you with pronunciation by accurately aligning your teeth. Through the use of braces, your jaw and teeth become aligned correctly, thus enhancing your speech and way of eating. 

8. Self-Esteem Issues Related to Misaligned Teeth

Braces carry along with many cosmetic benefits. They help in creating the perfect smile hence boosting your confidence. Having misaligned teeth causes individuals to avoid smiling as they become quite self-conscious about their appearance. Braces, therefore, boost your self-esteem and enable you to be comfortable in your own body. Consequently, this will improve your efficiency at work. Ultimately, the problems braces fix will help you improve your physical, emotional, and spiritual well being.

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