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6 Back to School Dental Tips from Your Family Dentist

According to a Journal of Public Health survey, one of the most common causes of school absenteeism was dental problems. So, parents should schedule appointments with a pediatric dentist at least twice a year. Through this, dental experts can monitor children's dental health and identify underlying problems. Keep in mind that the earlier a dental…

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Back to School Dental Exam: Why the Exam Is Important

Currently, dental decay is one of the most common conditions in children. This condition affects not only the physical health of the child but also their emotional well-being. Fortunately, dental experts can pinpoint and treat this condition in its early stages. As a result, most education institutions require parents to present a back to school…

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Wearing Braces: How Long Do Braces Take To Work?

Your dental health expert recommends braces to you. So, what next? One of the most important questions you will ask yourself is how long the braces take to straighten your teeth. The period for wearing braces varies from one patient to another. However, it mainly depends on the dental problem one is facing. The short answer?…

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Putting on Braces: How Are Braces Put On?

The process of putting on braces is nerve-wracking to many. The thought of the experience triggers anxiety. For beginners, this raises many questions like how long the process takes and how it is painful. The process only takes 1–2 hours approximately. This varies depending on the teeth and the type of braces. The process is…

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What Color Braces Can I Get?

After approval of brace from the orthodontist, what awaits is selecting the color of braces. Initially, the only available braces were hard metal brackets with metal wires. Recently, there has been the introduction of color braces. There is also an alternative of clear braces for those who opt to have them unnoticed, especially adults. Other…

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How Do I Know I Need Braces?

Do you have a tooth or jaw misalignment? Braces are primarily used to align teeth or jaws in their correct position. Brace installation is costly, painstaking, and uncomfortable. However, braces carry not only numerous cosmetic benefits but also oral health benefits. Therefore, if you or your child requires braces, note it is worth the cost.…

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