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After approval of brace from the orthodontist, what awaits is selecting the color of braces. Initially, the only available braces were hard metal brackets with metal wires. Recently, there has been the introduction of color braces. There is also an alternative of clear braces for those who opt to have them unnoticed, especially adults. Other adults and children love them colorful and fancy. Braces are part of our daily outfit, and you can consider them as part of your wardrobe selection. The following guidelines are essential when selecting the color of braces.

What Color Braces Can I Get?

The clinic’s samples

Different offices offer a variety of color samples. You should take a look at all the colors and figure out which one to suit you best. It would help if you did not make a rational decision, but take your time to make up your mind. You should have a visual aspect than an imaginary aspect. It is also important to note that when the bands stretch on the braces, they appear brighter than they do in the sample.

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Invisible braces

Invisible braces such as Invisalign are clear, and they go unnoticed. Most adults are self-conscious about how the braces will change their mouth appearance. Because of this, a majority prefer the invisible braces. Other types of braces, like lingual braces attached to the inside of the teeth, are also unnoticeable from the outside appearance. Ceramic braces, which are clear and hard to notice, fall under this category too. Clear braces might not tickle your fancy, and you want to explore other options.

 The color of your eye

While selecting color braces, the color of your eyes can be a determining factor. When you smile with colored braces that complement your eye color, it makes your eyes stand out. Beauty sources can be a helpful guide on how you can blend the color of your eyes with the color of the braces. Opting for a brace color that’s the opposite of the color of the eye pupil, will enhance the color of your eyes. For example, if you have brown eyes, try braces with shades of red or orange. You can also choose a similar color to your eyes, and it will have the same effect. For instance, if you have blue eyes, you can go for blue bands to make your eyes stand out.

Make your teeth appear whiter 

Yellow and stained teeth are cosmetic problems that many people face unless you are among the lucky few who have perfectly white teeth. It is usually a good idea to avoid bright white braces, as it will only make your teeth look dull. The color blue is the best choice to enhance the white color of the teeth. For women, when choosing a lipstick color to whiten the appearance of their teeth, they always prefer one with shades of blue in it. The same technique is also relevant when picking out a color for your braces.

A color you love

Once you acquire your own color braces, you will have them on for approximately two years. This means that you should be comfortable and confident in the braces. Rule out any color that you would never go for. You can, therefore, opt for a color you love, a color that you will be proud to show off. Whatever color makes you happy, go for it.

What Color Braces Can I Get?

Skin color

Braces are a part of your daily style. So, the color of the braces should work for your style rather than against it. For a dark skin tone & hair, it matches with jewels like colors such as turquoise and purple. For light skin people, brighter colors work best with their skin.

Your wardrobe

Your wardrobe selection should be a very key factor in choosing the color of braces. As we stated, braces are part of your daily outfit and style. It should complement your sense of style and not clash with your outfit. For example, if your wardrobe consists of red outfits, it is not a wise move to have green braces on. If your wardrobe has all types of colors, like most people, you can choose to have clear or white bands. Another option is also going for the neutral colored braces like black or blue.

Holidays/ seasons and events

It is possible to change the bands’ color after the 6th week’s visit to the dentist. This provides an opportunity for one to choose colors based on upcoming events. For example, in a school sporting game, you can put the color in favor of your supporting team. If Halloween is coming soon, colors like orange and black are popular during this season, and you can choose to put them on your braces. However, this option is only for those who have the option of changing the color of their braces on a regular. If not, before you use this as a factor when choosing your bracing color, you should consider if you are willing to have it for 18 months, the treatment period.

Choosing color braces is the fun part of having braces as they can act as ornaments and style. Use the tips and enjoy your bracing experience!

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