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Frequent dental checkups are a great way to boost your oral health. A back to school dental checkup plays a huge role in fighting the most common dental problems in children. Dental infections are a significant cause of absenteeism in schools. So, ensure your child goes for a back to school dental checkup.

8 Secrets to a Successful Back to School Dental Checkup

It is better when dentists identify dental problems are earlier. Dental professionals can prevent further oral complications and reduce dental disease symptoms. Dr. Mary Hayes, American Dental Association spokesperson, states that you should ensure your child is ready for school through dental checkups.

Planning in Advance

There are many activities you’ve planned out for your children during the holidays. Make sure that a back to school dental checkup is one of them. Besides the family vacation and camping trip, remember your child’s dental health. Most parents always remember checkups when schools are almost open. Dr. Roger Hennigh says, “One of our busiest times of year is in August. Lots of parents rush at the last minute to get a dental checkup for their children before school starts.” Thus, it is a smart idea to plan your childs back to school dental checkup early. Schedule an appointment one or two months before schools reopen.

Encourage Age-Appropriate Healthy Oral Practices

Parents can encourage cavity free checkups by observing appropriate oral practices. You can tell your children to clean their teeth at least twice a day with the right products. Also, ensure your children floss their teeth daily.

Small children with less than six years may not know how to thoroughly brush their teeth, thus ensure you do most of the work for them. By the time your child is seven, they are more aware of themselves. So, advise them on the best dental care practices. Nonetheless, you may have to take over at times.

When children draw into early adulthood, make sure they still observe dental hygiene. During this phase, their teeth are more vulnerable to cavities. But advise them respectfully. Keep in mind they are now as adults, and scolding them would only make the situation worse.

Book Appointments at the Right Time

One way to ensure a successful dental checkup is to book an appointment at the right time. When you book an appointment during your child’s sleeping hours, this may disorient his or her schedule. Additionally, your child might be cranky during the consultation.

On the other hand, book an appointment at the appropriate timing for older children. Don’t schedule a consultation after a long day of school. Ensure they are well-rested when they visit the pediatric dentist.

Feed Your Child before the Dental Checkup

As a parent, give your child a light meal before the dental checkup. If your child is hungry, they could be cranky and agitated during the appointment. Dr. Rustico Dumlao Jr. says, “Feed your child one hour before the checkup. This way, food particles will not be present in their mouth during the checkup.” He also says, “Getting your children to brush their teeth before the appointment is a great idea as well.”

Make One Child a Model

If you have two or more children, you might schedule different appointments. To encourage all children to go for the dental checkup, ensure that your most bubbly and jovial child goes first. Dr. Alvin Amante says, “Although siblings, every child will have a different attitude on the dental checkup. So, if the one with the first appointment thinks the process is fun, the others will definitely want to experience it.”

8 Secrets to a Successful Back to School Dental Checkup

Do Not Make Your Child Anxious

Suppose you tend to be anxious before dental procedures, it might be time to leave anxiety at the door. You can make your child nervous as well. Dr. Alan Golden says, “Even kids as young as 4 to 6 years old are highly perceptive and are likely to pick up on your anxiety.”

So, encourage your children and tell them it’s going to be okay. For instance, if your younger one asks how the process of filling a cavity will be, tell them it won’t even hurt. Or tell your child to ask the dentist. Remember that you want to boost their self-confidence, thus allow them to address all their queries to the dentist.

Don’t Lose It in Case Your Child Won’t Cooperate

Dr. Roger Hennigh says, “Quite often, you’ll have to assist younger children through the entire process, especially if it’s their first visit or they’ve never been to a dentist before. They may not be as calm as you think.” Thus, if your child throws tantrums during the appointment, don’t lose your cool.

Make sure you find out why they are not cooperating. The child could be hungry, tired, or nervous. Dr. Hennigh says “one of the primary reasons children lose their cool is because they know they have no control over what’s going to happen.”

Most dental experts are willing to help you out. Ensure you work as a team with the dental expert to calm the child and complete it. Moreover, allow the dentist to take control of the situation.

Take Your Child’s Dentist Contacts

After completion of the back to school dental checkup, remember to keep the dentist’s contacts. Your child can go back to school and hurt their teeth or jaw while playing. So, consider asking your dental professional for their business card. Dr. Golden says, “It is good to have the dentists’ contacts since you can contact them in case of an emergency.”

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