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At this moment in time, a large percentage of adults undergo orthodontic treatment. Unlike before, adults are now becoming more aware of their dental health. As a matter of fact, statistics prove that the number of people wearing braces has significantly increased over the years. Well, this is a good sign. When oral health becomes a priority in most individuals, it only means one thing. The overall health of the larger part of the population gets boosted. But what are the current orthodontic treatment options available to adults? In particular, what are the best braces for adults?

Adult Wearing Braces


Different Types of Braces for Adults

Unquestionably, orthodontic treatment options in adults and children slightly differ. Luckily, there is a broad range of brace types accommodating people of all ages. So, it is always advisable to identify your exact dental requirements. This way, your orthodontist can suggest the best braces for you. In this article, we discuss some of the most suitable braces for adults. Each varies and comes with their benefits and drawbacks.

Clear Aligners

Currently, Clear Aligners – such as Invisalign, are becoming more popular among adults. The good thing with these oral appliances is that they are temporary. So, you can always remove them when brushing your teeth or eating. Unlike traditional braces, aligners are partially invisible. Their benefit is that they give you an easy time when chewing and cleaning your teeth.

However, they incur additional dental checkups. With these braces, you’ll need to visit your orthodontist about every two weeks. Moreover, they take longer to deliver the expected outcomes. You’ll always have to ensure they are in their rightful position. Occasionally, patients see this as a lot of work.

Traditional braces

In the past, traditional braces were popular. Over the years, these braces have advanced and don’t contain an elastic band on every tooth. Thus, they are more attractive. Today, one of the modified models of the conventional braces are the clear ceramic braces. They are useful and deliver expected results within a short time. They exert more pressure on the teeth and jaws. However, if you want invisible braces, this is not a good option. Almost everyone you come across will notice you have braces on. Since they facilitate fast orthodontic treatment, you can always overlook this drawback. Above all, conventional braces are a good alternative for adults. Adults have rigid jaws and teeth and need high pressure to get positioned in their rightful place.

Lingual braces

Another common type of braces for adults is the lingual braces. These braces are similar to traditional braces. However, they get placed on the inside part of the teeth. As a result, they are less visible compared to conventional braces. Mostly, orthodontists have to examine your teeth to identify the exact size of lingual braces you’ll need. Nonetheless, lingual braces are more expensive. Also, they might take slightly longer to deliver the expected outcomes.

After taking your braces off, most orthodontists recommend that you wear a retainer for about six months. Note that this applies to all types of braces.

Self-ligating braces

Several adults also opt for self-ligating braces. These braces do not incorporate an elastic band. Instead, they have a wire passing over the bracket to put teeth in the desired place.

Braces For Adults- What Types Of Braces Are Best For Adults?

How can you quicken the brace treatment process?

There are several techniques you can incorporate to fasten orthodontic treatment. Some of them include:


Braces for adults need a suitable catalyst to quicken the treatment process. One of the ways you can do this is by using AcceleDent. It is an oral appliance that needs to get placed over your braces daily. Typically, the device vibrates and moves teeth faster. Dental experts say that AcceleDent reduces the duration of treatment by 50%.


You can also foster quick treatment using propel. First, you need to schedule an appointment with your orthodontist. Your dental expert will use an anesthetic to prevent pain. Afterward, they insert a thin probe beneath several teeth. Doing this makes your teeth more flexible and move to their rightful place faster. You can always use the propel technique every six weeks. This method is suitable for people with severe orthodontic problems. So, if you are afraid of the duration, you’ll have to wear braces; note that there are techniques to speed up treatment.

What is the cost of braces for adults?

Financial concerns should never interfere with treatment. The first step to determining costs would be to schedule a FREE consultation where we can evaluate the extent of treatment needed for you. Our Orthodontist will then go over with you the different treatment options available for your case along with each treatment’s benefit and any drawbacks. Then our treatment coordinator will meet with you to verify insurance benefits and work out a monthly payment plan that suits your budget.

You can always find braces that cater to your budget and work for you perfectly. On average, you’ll end up spending about $5,000 on orthodontic treatment – however there isn’t a “once price fits all”.

Allow your orthodontist to take you through the best braces for adults that fit within your budget.


There are various braces for adults. Thus, it would be best to analyze your dental requirements and budget before settling for a specific option. This way, they can get their desired outcomes as fast as possible. Also, adults should not get intimidated by the thought of the brace treatment process. There are so many techniques that can quicken the process. So, if you plan on seeking orthodontic treatment, nothing can stop you now.

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