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Invisalign is a plastic oral appliance often used to treat various orthodontic issues. Invisalign is usually transparent and takes on the color of the teeth. It contains clear trays meant to hold each tooth in position. Invisalign is a more comfortable orthodontic treatment option. Thus, most patients love this device. Besides, Invisalign gives you the unique privilege of removing it during meals and cleaning times. But how long does the Invisalign treatment take to work?

Invisalign Treatment- How Long Does Invisalign Take To Work?

Invisalign treatment period

The treatment period of Invisalign varies depending on various factors. But generally, it will take you approximately two years to complete treatment. Some, on the other hand, began seeing results as early as six months ago. The Invisalign treatment period mostly relies on your orthodontic issues. Complex issues naturally incorporate a longer treatment period.

Additionally, the treatment period also relies on your lifestyle. You must also floss and brush your teeth twice a day to complete the treatment period. Also, you have to floss and brush your teeth twice a day to fasten the treatment period. Not to mention, you have to eat a healthy diet for Invisalign to work effectively. Dental experts advise staying with Invisalign for a minimum of 22 hours a day to boost its efficiency.

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How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign uses clear trays to hold the teeth in their rightful position. These trays should be worn for at least 22 hours a day if you wish to obtain your desired results quickly. Invisalign is frequently customized to fit the size and shape of the teeth. Your dentist uses 3D pictures of your mouth to come up with the right Invisalign for you. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign applies minimal pressure to your teeth. As a result, they feel more comfortable in their own mouth.

Factors that prolong or shorten the Invisalign treatment period

As seen earlier, some can complete the treatment within a few months, while others can take years. Some of the factors that affect the Invisalign treatment period include:

The type of occlusion and spacing:

Invisalign is often used to treat underbites, overbites, and crowding. The treatment period normally depends on the type of spacing and crowding issue. For example, if you have an underbite, the treatment period takes longer when the space between the upper and lower jaw is bigger. Moreover, if your teeth are heavily crowded, it may take longer.


The Invisalign treatment period is shorter for children, teenagers, and young adults. The teeth and jaws of younger people are more flexible and can move without difficulty. Thus, it is easier to realign a young person’s teeth. On the flip side, mature adults don’t have flexible teeth and jaws. Subsequently, it might take longer for this treatment to work on them. This is one of the reasons why state authorities recommend back-to-school dental checkups. Orthodontic problems are easier to treat when your child is small.

Are you following your dentist’s advice?

If you don’t follow your doctor’s advice, you will lengthen the Invisalign treatment period. In most instances, your dentist will recommend a restricted diet. Failure to follow this diet can lead to dental infections. If you have Invisalign, cut down on sugary and spicy foods. Such foods can accumulate on your teeth, hence leading to cavities.

Additionally, ask your dentist for the best tooth cleaning techniques that will help you keep your Invisalign in good shape. With Invisalign, you also have to change your trays from time to time. Failure to observe your dentist’s instructions can prolong the treatment period.

How can you shorten the treatment period?

Don’t miss orthodontist appointments: One way to reduce the treatment period is to avoid skipping appointments. If you have an appointment with your orthodontist, ensure you go, even if you think there’s no need.

Invisalign Treatment- How Long Does Invisalign Take To Work?

Wear Invisalign:

Ensure you wear your Invisalign for at least 22 hours a day. Otherwise, you could extend the treatment period. The only time you can remove your Invisalign is during meals and cleaning your teeth. When cleaning your teeth, clean your Invisalign as well.

Replace the clear trays:

With Invisalign, you have to keep on replacing the trays frequently. Doing this makes the oral device more effective. In turn, it shortens the treatment period.

Seek professional help:

Get all your fears, doubts, and queries addressed by your orthodontist. If you feel that something is not right, consult your dentist. At times, you may have a dental cavity or infection. The earlier the issue gets checked, the better.


Currently, Invisalign is a popular treatment option among most individuals. Invisalign is effective and can solve orthodontic problems quickly. Generally, it takes approximately two years for Invisalign to work. The Invisalign treatment period, however, varies depending on the exact orthodontic problem. Patients with mild issues start seeing results as early as six months. On the other hand, those with serious issues start seeing results after years. Fortunately, following all your orthodontist’s instructions shortens the treatment period.

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