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Summer is a time for fun, adventure, and creating memories with your family. However, it is also essential to maintain your child’s dental health routine during this season of fun. At Embrace Family Smiles, dental checkups can be enjoyable experiences for kids. Here are some creative and engaging ways you can help to make dental visits fun for your little ones this summer.

Why Summer is a Great Time for Dental Checkups for Kids

Summer offers a perfect opportunity to schedule dental checkups and cleanings for your children. With the break from school, you have more flexibility to find an appointment time that works best for your family. Additionally, incorporating a dental visit into the summer schedule ensures that your child’s oral health is in top shape before returning to school in the Fall. By taking advantage of the summer break, you can prioritize dental health without the added stress of school commitments.

1. Create a Positive Narrative

Children often pick up on their parents’ attitudes towards dental visits. If you’re enthusiastic and positive about going to the dentist, your child is more likely to feel the same. Talk to your kids about the dental check. Explain that the dentist is a friendly helper who keeps their teeth healthy and strong.

2. Schedule a “Dental Day Out”

Turn the dental appointment into a fun day out. Plan a visit to the park, a favorite restaurant, the zoo, or whatever might make it a special day for your child. This way, your child will associate dental visits with enjoyable activities, making them look forward to their next appointment.

3. Bring Their Favorite Comfort Items

Allow your child to bring their favorite toy, blanket, or book to the dentist. Familiar items can provide comfort and distraction, making the dental visit less intimidating. Some children might also enjoy listening to their favorite music or story during the appointment, so consider bringing headphones and a device.

4. Use Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement can go a long way in making dental visits fun. Praise your child for taking care of their teeth. You can also create a reward system where they earn stickers or small toys for each successful visit.

5. Educate Your Kids about Dental Checkups with Fun Dental Games and Books

Before the visit, engage your child with fun dental-themed games and books. Many entertaining resources are available that explain the importance of dental health in a kid-friendly way. Reading a story about a character’s visit to the dentist or playing a game where they practice brushing their teeth can help demystify the experience. Here are some ideas of books about the dentist for young children:


Peppa Pig: Dentist Trip (Ages 2-5)

Peppa Pig:Dentist Trip (Ages 2-5)


Elmo Visits the Dentist (Ages 4-9)

Elmo Visits the Dentist (Ages 4-9)

Sugar Bugs (Ages 5-7)


Sugar Bugs (Ages 5-7)

Did Dinosaurs Have Dentists (Ages 5-8)


Did Dinosaurs Have Dentists (Ages 5-8)

Vamos al Dentista (Ages 4-8, Bilingual)


Vamos al Dentista (Ages 4-8, Bilingual)

6. Role-Play at Home

Kids love to play pretend, so why not pretend to have a dental visit at home? You can take turns being the dentist and the patient. Use a toothbrush to “examine” their teeth and let them do the same to you. This activity can help your child understand what to expect during their appointment.

7. Set a Good Example

Teach your children about the importance of dental health in a way they can understand. Explain that just like they must keep their body and clothes clean, they must also care for their teeth. Make it a fun discussion about the “superpowers” of brushing and flossing, and how the dentist helps keep those superpowers strong. Most importantly, show them by example. Make oral hygiene a family activity so they learn from you how important it is to care for their teeth.

9. Plan a Group Visit with A Friend

Schedule your child’s dental checkup alongside a friend’s appointment. Going to the dentist with a buddy can make the experience more enjoyable and less scary. They can support each other and share their adventure, turning it into a social outing.

10. Celebrate Their Success

After the dental checkup, celebrate your child’s success. Whether it’s a simple “Great job!” or a small treat, acknowledging their effort reinforces a positive experience.

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