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Before the start of a school year, most schools need a back to school dental appointment report. Schools want all children to feel fresh and healthy throughout the year. Moreover, the majority of schools do this to optimize their school performance.

Back-to-School Checklist: Don't Forget to Add Back to School Dental Appointment

According to a recent survey, almost half of the children’s population missed classes due to dental problems.

“Dental diseases have severe symptoms. Thus, it can interfere with the child’s concentration in class. Children who have oral complications get affected physically, emotionally, and socially.” Vice President at Delta Dental, Dr. Sheila Strock

A back to school dental appointment enables pediatric dentists to detect dental problems early enough. This way, they can administer the appropriate treatment immediately, thus preventing more complications. In some states, a child must have a dental exam report at the start of every school year. “Dental checkups should be part and parcel of every back to school routine checklist for every child, “Strock says. “Fortunately, finances are not a problem nowadays. There is a broad spectrum of finance options to choose from.” Parents can sign up for dental insurance plans that cater to their children’s dental checkups.

Some various factors will help your back to school dental appointment successful. Some of them include:

  • Ensure that you choose reliable dentists. You can search for reliable dental experts online or ask fellow parents if they happen to know one. Your pediatric dentist should have extensive experience and know-how to work with children. Your dentist’s office should also offer a comfortable and child-friendly environment.
  • Make sure your children are aware of the dental checkup process. Let them know what to expect before the consultation. You can explain to them some of the procedures the dentist will perform. Additionally, you can buy them informative yet exciting books on the importance of dental checkups. If you don’t do this, your child is likely to throw tantrums during the appointment. Eliminate their anxiety by telling them what to expect at the dentist’s office.
  • Get your child excited by promising them a thoughtful gift after the appointment. Consequently, they will be willing to go through the whole process. A reward can be as simple as buying them yogurt or cooking their favorite healthy meal.
  • The best way to get your kids to do something is by setting an example. It would be best if you start by going for dental checkups yourself. Show them that you find the experience helpful and do not express nervousness. Even though the dental checkups frighten your children, once you show them you are not anxious, they will brave up. You can also offer them tips on how to remain calm during the back to school dental appointment and make it enjoyable.

What Happens At My child’s back to school dental appointment?

Overall Dental Health

During the consultation, the dental expert will likely examine your child’s overall dental health. They will look out for any possible dental cavities and decays. Additionally, they will check for any orthodontic problems such as misalignment and malocclusions. Suppose they pinpoint a dental problem; they will administer immediate treatment. As a result, your child will not encounter any complications in the future.

Professional Tooth Cleaning Procedures

One of the most recommended procedures by pediatric dentists is a tooth cleaning procedure. Most children find it challenging to clean their teeth thoroughly. Thus, a tooth cleaning process will eliminate any bacteria on the teeth. Even if you think your child’s teeth are clean, consider this procedure. It plays a massive role in preventing dental decays and caries. Occasionally, the daily tooth cleaning procedure cannot eradicate stubborn bacteria in the teeth.

Back-to-School Checklist: Don't Forget to Add Back to School Dental Appointment

X-ray Procedures

Several pediatric dentists will conduct a tooth X-ray. But X-rays are not done in every dental checkup. They assist dental experts in identifying any underlying problems in children, even in their early stages. X-rays pinpoint issues like dental carries and unhealthy roots.


Your dentist will ask you if your child is active in sports and if they have a mouthguard. If they’re engaged in sports, the dentist will prescribe one for him or her. Additionally, if your child already has a mouthguard, ensure you carry it. This way, the dentist can check whether it’s still functional. If your child’s teeth have outgrown the guard, the dental expert will likely recommend another one during the back to school dental appointment.

Application of Sealants

Occasionally, pediatric dentists apply sealants on your child’s molars to safeguard them against dental caries, among other issues. Sealants are usually a protective layer that prevents bacteria from accumulating on the teeth. Thus, if your child has sensitive teeth, the dentist can recommend sealants for them. Moreover, dental experts recommend sealants for your child to prevent further decay if they have a dental cavity. Sealants protect the area where a regular toothbrush and toothpaste cannot reach. But it would be best if you kept in mind that these substances will still require your child to observe healthy oral practices.

Final Thoughts

A back to school dental appointment is critical in your child’s health. But there are certain things you have to consider when you schedule the appointment. You should choose a reliable dentist and motivate your child to go through the process. Furthermore, some of the procedures you should expect include cleaning, x-rays, among others. All these procedures will boost your child’s overall health.

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