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Today, the coronavirus vaccine is slowly becoming available nationwide. Even though things are gradually getting back to normal, the majority of patients are still cautious. Obviously the virus is still out there, and anyone can get it. Many patients nationwide have been so scared to contract the virus, that they’ve put out preventative care as well as emergency dental care. While the concerns of contracting the virus are legitimate, we take every precaution in our ofice. Additionally, we want to let patients know that making sure our staff all get immunized against the Covid-19 pandemic is our number one priority. As the immunizations become available, we will all be receiving them.

The Coronavirus Vaccine Is an Appealing Aspect for Patients -Dental Practice

Consequently, this will be good for our patients as well. We want them to know that when they visit a Golden Pediatric Dental office that they are in safe hands. Several states are now giving dentists the authority to dispense the vaccine to patients. Our office is not one of the ones dispensing the vaccine. If you live in such a state, it would be best to ask your dental office about whether they are dispensing the vaccine.

Unquestionably, the correct vaccination will keep the deadly coronavirus under control. However, not everyone can receive a vaccination yet. Vaccines are being distributed in order of priority in Virginia, with first responders and medical personnel receiving the first doses.

Masks go a long way in preventing infections however, the vaccine is still the safest bet. There have been millions of infections across the globe, and still many thousands of people contracting the deadly virus each day. Therefore, experts consider vaccines the best solution for everyone, including those in the dental practice field is to receive the vaccine as quick as possible. We long for the day that we can tell all of our patients that each of our staff have been immunized against the Covid-19 pandemic. Til then, please know that it will be our first priority as they become available.

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