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To Our Wonderful Patients and Families;

It is with sadness that we announce the pending closure by July 2021 of “Camp Tooth”, our
office located since 1995 in the town of Virginia. This decision did not come easily,
but was precipitated by the January 2020 changes in the security protocols at the Dale City
Marine Corps base gates; changes which made it difficult for non-military people to enter the
base in order to get to the Town of Dale City – and thus our office. The effect has been a
progressive decline in utilization of the facility, and hence the need to shift our practice there to
our Woodbridge and Dale City offices.

Additionally, and of greater significance, we are also saying “good-bye” to Dr. Jones this
summer, a key provider and figure with us since 1996. He has decided it is time to leave the
practice of Pediatric Dentistry and enjoy the next years in retirement. We will be truly sad to
see him go! However, we will fondly wish him all the best as he begins this next phase of life.

While these changes are significant, we will continue to see you and your children at our offices
in Woodbridge, and Burke. Drs Golden, Dumlao, Hennigh, and Amante are continuing
to practice at those locations.

Beginning in July, we will be joined by a new team member, Dr. Margaret Choi, who is
completing her Pediatric Dental training at Harvard University’s program. She will be providing
dental care for our pediatric and adolescent patients at both our Woodbridge and Burke offices.
We are thrilled she has chosen to join our group, and look forward to her meeting each of you
and your children.

In closing, we thank you for choosing our offices, doctors, and team members as your and / or your
child’s dental and orthodontic providers. We appreciate each of you every day, and look forward to
seeing you or your child at your next dental or orthodontic appointments!

The Doctors and Team Members of
Golden Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics

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