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One frequent question parents ask when they bring their child in for their dental appointment is “Can an adult go to a pediatric dentist?”. Which in all honesty, is a fair question – because not all pediatric dentists will see adult patients. It’s an earnest question because parents are looking to save time whenever possible. Having a family dentist that can see both children and adults is beneficial. For busy parents trying to juggle work, school AND dentist appointments can be exhausting. It’s reassuring to know that our family dentistry practice sees both children and adult patients. So in answer to the question, some pediatric dentists do see adults, and some don’t.

Can Adults See A Pediatric Dentist?

Not every pediatric dentist is willing to see adults. Some will only treat children as a rule and will refer adult patients to another dentist. Each of our 3 offices treat adult patients. So whether you’re looking for a Dentist in Woodbridge, Burke, Dale City, or Dale City – if you’re a parent in need of a dentist, why not schedule yourself an appointment at the same time as the kids? One of the best ways to save time and know that all your dental records are in one place for the entire family is just simplifying life.

Our Family Dental Practice Makes Life Easier

It’s convenient and smart to have the whole family see the same dentist. Parents are all too familiar with the headaches of having to run back and forth from one doctor to another for their kids. It’s enough that parents frequently have to see a pediatrician as well their regular doctor for medical issues. The convenience of a family dentist that treats both adults and children means less hassle, and more time to spend productively on other thing. Like getting the kids do to their homework!

Woodbridge Virginia Family DentistThe 2 Big Questions Adults Have When Seeing a Pediatric or Family Dentist

  1. Are pediatric dentists familiar with adult dental issues ?

    Absolutely.  Pediatric dentists comprise 1/3 of all dental specialties. All pediatric dentists receive EXTRA training for dealing with children and early development issues with teeth. The extra training they receive is in ADDITION to the normal training regular dentists receive. So yes, as an adult you’re in perfectly capable hands seeing a Pediatric or Family Dentist.

  2. Do pediatric dentists cost more than a normal dentist?

    No, as an adult you’ll pay the normal rate for checkups, preventive care, and restorative dental work that you would at a regular dentist. You’ll also enjoy the convenience of knowing if your child has to accompany you on a dental visit that they’ll be entertained and find things like books and games to occupy themselves while they wait.

What Is The Difference Between a Family Dentist & A Pediatric Dentist?

What Is The Difference Between a Family Dentist and a Pediatric Dentist?

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