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When scheduling a dentist visit for your child, many times your child might just need a checkup and cleaning. Occassionally, a thorough examination will involve performing a dental xray of your child’s teeth. Dentist’s use x-rays for the purposes of taking images of the teeth and bones. The entire procedure is normal for adults but can seem a little scary to small children and even older kids. We wrote this article to educate parents that dental xrays performed in a dentist office are safe and provide valuable information to the dentist about the status of your child’s teeth.

X-Rays Are An Important Part Of Your Child’s Dental Health

An x-ray can appear to be intimidating and scary, especially for a child. It’s important to consider that x-rays are an integral part of dental health, and occassionally a necessary component of your child’s dental examination. We use dental x-rays to take pictures of the gums, bones, and teeth. X-rays are necessary to allow us to see teeth in a way that we can’t merely with a simple visual inspection.

What Will My Child’s Dental X-Ray’s Show?

The X-Ray enables us to see hidden cavities, check on the overall status of gum health, and ensure that your child’s jaws and teeth are developing normal. It’s for this very reason that dental xrays are such an important part of early identifying dental health issues. Childhood is an important time in the development of a child’s teeth, bones, and gums, and quite often sets the stage for their dental health as adults. This is why it’s so important that parent’s have a Pediatric Dentist detect and fix any issues as soon as they arise.

What Dental X-Rays Are And How They Work

How Safe Are My Child’s Dental Xrays?

Rest assured – our office takes every precaution to ensure that your child’s dental x-ray is 100% safe and comfortable. Here at our Burke Pediatric Dentist office, we perform digital x-rays, which are safer and faster than traditional film x-rays. The reason digital dental xrays are safer are because they use less radiation than traditional film xrays and provide computer images that can be easily edited and saved.

Is it normal to feel nervous about my child’s dental x-ray?

It’s completely normal for parents to be concerned with their child’s safety, especially during a procedure like an x-ray. Our dental x-rays are entirely safe and expose your child to 90% less radiation than a traditional film xray. Our Pediatric Dental Hygienist will also fit your child with a lead apron during their imaging to protect their body from any radiation at all. Taking the x-rays does not take long, and we make sure your child is comfortable and feels safe.

Digital X-rays Vs. Traditional Film X-rays

Traditional x-rays use film to capture images of the teeth, and have the same shortcomings as film cameras. Images takes longer to develop, they aren’t always very high-quality, and must be manually be scanned into a computer. Digital x-rays have all the high-tech benefits of using a digital camera. They instantly produce high-resolution digital pictures of your child’s teeth that we can edit and manipulate using our computer software. The images are instantly available on the screen, and we can zoom in or alter the exposure to show us even the smallest problem. Another additional bonus is that we can easily save the images to your electronic patient file. With digital technology, there’s no longer any risk of losing your child’s dental records.

When your child comes in for their digital x-ray, we’ll take a few moments to explain everything that we’re doing in kid-friendly terms. Your child may even enjoy seeing the pictures of their teeth displayed up on the screen!

Ready To Schedule A Dental X-Ray For Your Child?

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